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One of the few things in the world that gets better with use:

The NYC Urban Transit Kerchief

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The facts: Made in the U.S.A. (New Orleans).  These kerchiefs are not available anywhere else, as Few & Far Company is the only company licensed by the NYC Metro Transportation Authority to produce these kerchiefs.

They are printed at a local textile shop located in the backyard studio of a fashion-industry veteran, then hand-rolled and sewn by a local seamstress and her team of 4 employees.  They are hand-inspected at every stage of production and then shipped directly to you.

There's no cell service when you're three stories beneath the street in a subway station, and we all stare at our phones too much as it is.  These perfectly legible pocket squares can serve as both a map and a statement.  

We produce them in small batches to ensure that every kerchief that goes to a customer is expertly printed, perfectly stitched, bright white, legible, and has the mark of quality that people expect from Few & Far Company. 

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